Tubing Central offers a wide array of cutting services

From small quantities to large production volumes, from 1/16” OD to 14” OD, we can meet your tube cutting needs.


Tubing can be cut to shorter lengths for cheaper shipping options. A common requirement is to cut all 20 foot sticks to two 8 foot sticks and one 4 foot stick, so that the shipping cost can be reduced substantially.

Production Cutting

Tubing Central can provide in-house, tight tolerance production cutting on small to large volume orders. Examples include 50,000 pieces of 6” long tubing and 100 pieces of 5’ long tubing. All tubing can be deburred after cutting, and can even be capped for end protection.

Coil Cutting

Tubing Central has an in-house coiling machine that allows us to de-coil large coils and cut to customer specified lengths. Coils can be provided loose or on wooden or metal reels.