Tubes are used in many high temperature applications, including furnaces, burners, jet engines, and heat exchangers. Tubing Central stocks a wide range of materials to meet the most demanding high temperature applications.

MaterialMaximum Temperature
304/304L1500°F / 816°C
310S/310H1500°F / 816°C
316/316H1500°F / 816°C
316/316L1500°F / 816°C
317/317L1500°F / 816°C
904L700°F / 372°C
6MO / Alloy 254750°F / 399°C
2205 Duplex600°F / 316°C
2507 Super Duplex600°F / 316°C
Alloy 20 800°F / 427°C
Alloy 400900°F / 482°C
Alloy 6001200°F / 649°C
Alloy 6251200°F / 649°C
Alloy 8251000°F / 538°C
Alloy C2761250°F / 677°C
Titanium Gr. 2600°F / 316°C
C12200 Copper400°F / 205°C
6061-T6 Aluminum400°F / 205°C
Carbon Steel1000°F / 538°C

Note: Values are for reference only. Material strength is reduced at elevated temperatures. All values are based on the upper temperature limit as listed in ASMBE B31.3 and ASME BPVC.