Tubing is used in a variety of Aerospace applications, including hydraulic lines and fuel lines. Lightweight, high strength, and corrosive resistant materials are critical for these applications. Tubing Central stocks materials that are frequently used in these applications, including aluminum, titanium, alloy 625, and hardened stainless steels.


There are many forms of alternative energy, and equally there are many types of tubes used in each application. Tubing Central stocks tubing for each application, including:

  • High pressure tubing for CNG and Hydrogen Stations
  • Long coils for geothermal applications
  • High temperature tubing for solar panel arrays


Chemical processes require high temperature, high pressure, and corrosion resistant tubing. This often includes high alloys such as Alloy 400, Alloy 625, and Alloy 825. Tubing Central stocks a wide range of special alloys to meet the demanding requirements of chemical process applications.


Chromatography requires precise, clean capillary tubing to provide the most accurate readings for critical applications. Tubing Central stocks a wide range of capillary tubing in stick and coil form in stainless and some nickel alloys.


Medical devices often require small diameters, strong materials, and very clean tubing. Tubing Central stocks a wide range of tubing to meet the needs of the medical industry and can offer custom solutions.


Tubing Central stocks tubing for every facet of the oil and gas industry, including:

  • Super Duplex, 6MO, 904L, 317/L, and Jacketed 316/L for offshore platforms
  • Coil tubing for downhole chemical injection
  • Stainless Steels for upstream and midstream instrumentation
  • Nickel alloys for downstream processing applications



Tubing used in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries is required to be extremely clean and smooth. Tubing can be supplied in 20RA, 15RA, and 10RA condition as well as being cleaned with ultraclean water and sealed in bags in a clean room.


Power Generation requires high temperatures, high pressures, and often corrosive environments. Tubing Central carries a wide range of alloys to meet all the requirements of this industry.


Semiconductor manufacturing requires the cleanest tubing possible. Tubing is typically electropolished to 10RA or greater, cleaned in multiple stages, and sealed in bags to remain pure until installation.


The shipbuilding industry frequently requires special alloy tubing to resist the corrosive effects of sea water. Coil tubing is also used for hydraulic control lines to reduce the number of fittings needed over long distances.