Some applications, such as aerospace, require lightweight materials to decrease the total weight of the manufactured item. Tubing Central stocks lightweight alloys such as Titanium and Aluminum that are substantially lighter weight than other alloys. See the density comparison chart below for a comparison of some major materials. Titanium is nearly 1/2 the weight of stainless, and aluminum is nearly 1/3 the weight of stainless.

Material Density Comparison

C12200 Copper0.323 lb/in3
C2760.321 lb/in3
4000.318 lb/in3
6000.306 lb/in3
6250.305 lb/in3
8250.294 lb/in3
200.292 lb/in3
300 Series Stainless0.285 lb/in3
Carbon Steel0.284 lb/in3
Titanium Gr. 20.163 lb/in3
6061-T6 Aluminum0.0975 lb/in3